Shirts: the real must have of Summer 2021.


Every season has its must have and that of Summer 2021 are timeless shirts.

The most fashionable influencers show on their social pages shirts of any kind: long to look like dresses, shorter that let you glimpse the navel, knotted on the front and of course the classics with buttons and starched collar.

Lighter fabrics such as linen and silk are perfect for sultry summer days, which we will live soon, but even timeless cotton is comfortable and always has its charm.

Surfing the net you can find shirts on every fashion e-commerce site. Asos and Zalando offer as always a good overview of the fashion of the moment, with products with heterogeneous prices. Instead for lovers of big brands I recommend taking a look at the Mytheresa site, where you can find a great selection of luxury brands.

Looking for the best shirt for Summer 2021, I have found out a website of a brand, which I had heard about, but I had not yet had the pleasure of trying: Stenströms. It’s a Swedish brand, which produces quality garments with a minimal style, typically Scandinavian. I’ll leave you here, the link of the shirt I chose, maybe you like it too.

Enjoy your shopping!