The city in the tuff. The Little Jerusalem. A village that seems to be suspended between heaven and earth.

In the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, perched on a tuff cliff, crossed by long and narrow streets that open onto breathtaking views overlooking the surrounding countryside.


Our favorite quarter?

The Ghetto! The first Jewish community dates back to the end of 1500. The synagogue, the oven of the Azzime, the cemetery and the production of Kosher food testify its existence still today. (Hence the nickname “Little Jerusalem”).

Our favorite shop?

“The Country Market” in Piazza Garibaldi! Bags, gloves, boots, hats and a lotte more handmade by the artisans… they are deeply in our hearts. Together with the strong scent of leather.

Our favorite dessert?

The “Sfratto”! This stick-shaped biscuit, with its delicious notes of nuts and honey, is a reminder of an important but tragic moment in Pitigliano’s Jewish history: the eviction and segregation of the Jewish community forced by the Medici family in the seventeenth century in a single district of Pitigliano. Sfratto means in fact eviction. One of the last Kosher products left in the culinary tradition of Pitigliano, also recognized as a Slow Food presidium.

Pitigliano is what you are looking for but you still don’t know you need. It is very close to the concept of Serendipity: a happy discovery while looking for something else.