The Dolomites.

A word that first appeared in 1837. A geological history dating back to 270 million years ago. UNESCO natural heritage since 2009. The extreme north-east of Italy… from here our journey in the Bel Paese begins.

From the most known and envied peaks of the world. From the popular traditions, among the most curious and deeply rooted in Italy. From an artistic, cultural and architectural heritage, able to exploit the resources of the territory to the full.

From here our journey begins. From tables displaying seasoned local cheeses, fresh, semi-hard, soft, fragrant but always tasty. The Speck IGP: it will remind you of bacon, but its particularly smoky flavor will make it even tastier. From abundantly filled plates of yellow “polenta” from Storo and wild mushrooms picked right in the wood beside. From the typical trio of canederli with spinach, speck and cheese. From the barrels of Lagrein, the red wine that beautifully matches the seasoned cheeses. From the Pinot Grigio that seems to have been born specifically for all the culinary specialties of the area.

We are Elena, Francesca and Nives. And our journey starts with a friendship and a lot of adventures. Lovers of Italy, of art, of food, of exploration and of all the things that life promises us. Our journey starts here. From the mountains. Our journey starts here. From the ability of finding out beauty, unexpected, positive vibes in every little thing every day.

Can’t you wait to leave for this trip in the Dolomites too?

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