Valensole and its Fifty Shades of Lilac.

Valensole Fifty Shades of Lilac

Months ago when I started writing my bucket list, about places to visit and experiences to do at least once in my life, I wrote at number 5 Valensole and its lavender fields.

About a month ago I had the pleasure of fulfilling this dream, during a short stay on the French Riviera and I was right, it is a truly wonderful place.

Valensole is located in the south of France, especially in Provence and it is easily accessible, as it is about two hours drive from Cannes.

The fields are next to the road, so just stop for a while to immerse yourself in the scent of lavender and be enchanted to admire these lilac flowers.

The best time to visit this area is obviously that of flowering, that is between mid-June and July.

It is impressive the precision with which the crops are arranged, which seem to create waves that reach the horizon.

As I imagined, it is a magical place that deserves to be visited, as well as an excellent diversion during a week of beach vacation.

As every tourist place is visited by several people and what may seem a quiet place, it can get very crowded at any moment. To be able to enjoy it better, I suggest you stop where you see that there are not many people, because these fields are all similar.

You find more pictures and videos of this area on my Instagram page, in which I have collected my best videos in one of the highlight stories, named “Côte d’Azur“, here is the link to the page