Everybody goes crazy for Barbie!


For little girls who have grown up and still dreaming to wear Barbie’s clothes, several brands have recently created collections inspired by this famous doll.

Some time ago Moschino created a total look, with skirt and top, inspired by Barbie and proudly worn in the street by Paris Hilton.

The t-shirt I wear in the picture is from Bershka and the cost is very accessible, with just over 10 euros it will be yours.

If  you are in love with the makeup of Barbie, Sephora has created a box containing a palette of eye shadows with different shades of pink, mascara and eye liner.

Are you looking for a lip gloss like that of Barbie? The Wycon Cosmetics, has what you need …

Barbie is 59 years old but she is still young and fashion! This doll is still on top, she is loved by adults and children. Probably her success is due to her glamorous style or because she is a symbol of femininity. After several years we are still all in love with this blonde girl who made history and now we can finally get dressed and make up like her!