The tower of Pisa: an icon of Italy.


Today I write about one of the symbols of Italy: the tower of Pisa.

I have been several times in this city and it is certainly a spectacular and unique place.

The tower is located in Piazza dei Miracoli, since 1987 a UNESCO heritage site, is surrounded by a large lawn and is very close to the cathedral and the baptistery. The name of the square was given by Gabriele D’Annunzio at the beginning of 1900 and then maintained also in the post-war period.

The tower is really hanging and visible to the naked eye that is quite wrong, I think this is his luck, because there is nothing similar in the World. It is 57m high and its slope is due to a subsidence of the ground during its construction.

There are many tourists who visit it every day and I recommend you go there during the law season, maybe in the fall. Although there are many people, it does not give the impression of being a crowded place, as it is quite large.

Around the square there are various stalls selling souvenirs and manufacturing products, to get home a souvenir of this magnificent place.

Have you ever been there? I recommend it!