Gellert Bath: cuddle for body and soul.


Budapest with its 118 thermal springs is the wellness city for excellence.

There are several thermal baths and today I will tell you about Gellert.

As soon as you entrance it can already be seen, that it is an historic bath in a liberty art style and it is like going back in time. The interior design is reminiscent from the hotel where the film “Grand Hotel Budapest” was shot (which is actually in Czech Republic, however, not in Hungary …).

There are several pools, some indoor and other outdoor, the indoor ones in my opinion have more charm than the outer ones, because their refined architecture captures the eyes from every angle.

The temperature of the water changes from pool to pool and goes from about 20 to 40 degrees.

Inside there is also the possibility to book some massages, I personally tried one and I was absolutely satisfied.

I recommend you this thermal bath for a weekend of self-time and relaxation. Try it for yourself and let me know if you liked it!