Mind the step and enjoy the view!


The water wells or stepwells as you prefer to call them are ancient and very scenic wells of India.

Their main feature are the steps, which allow you to easily reach the bottom.

In ancient times they obviously needed to allow people to stock up on water, but not only, sometimes even to cool off in the days of sultry heat but also as a location for religious ceremonies.

These wells allowed to make the water emerge from the ground and therefore have water available during drought periods.

The well you see in the picture is in Rajasthan, specifically in Jaipur.

I have seen several of these wells during my trip to India, unfortunately it is not possible to go down on the steps and reach the bottom, but I assure you that they are a real show to admire also from the top.

If you are planning a trip to India, I recommend you to write it down as one of the attractions to be included in your itinerary.

Enjoy your trip dreamers!