The colorful Mercado de la Boqueria.


In every city I go, I always like to visit its typical market, because I think it is the soul of that place, giving you the possibility to go in contact with the depth of that cultural reality.

Several markets around the world I kept in my mind, one of these is El Mercado de la Boqueria in Barcelona.

The first impact is certainly the explosion of colors of the fruits and vegetables. I remember my eyes captured by dozens of shades of red, green, yellow …

The order and precision of the goods perfectly aligned on the stalls, suggest that it is an artifact, created specifically for the tourists, probably it is, but it is spectacular too.

As in any market, you can taste the goodness of local foods and here you can taste fresh fruit juices and salami. What about the jamon serrano, a real treat! It is sold in thin slices and served in small take away paper cones, a delight for the palate.

To make everything even more spectacular, it is the beauty of the sales staff, there were some really beautiful girls with the typical Latin beauty, that it is impossible not to leave enchanted.

If you are in Barcelona, I suggest you, to make a stroll in this market, it is easy to reach, located in the city center directly on the Rambla.