The Braies Lake, a really WOW place!


At Braies Lake Mother Nature has really given its best, beautiful both in Summer and Winter, there are no many words to spend for describe the lake, the images speak for themselves.

Every time I had the chance to visit it, I just managed to think: wow! I was astonished and gazed at all that surrounds me, absolutely amazed.

In Summer the water of the lake is crystal green, while in Winter the ice allows you to walk on its entire surface.

The mountains that surround the lake are extremely picturesque and reflected on the lake, as they seem to be created ad hoc, able to be enchanted by them.

The silence and tranquility are the master of the place and even if there are several visitors like you, but never gives the impression of being crowded.

The shots to be immortalized in the photos are several, which is the reason why you will find thousands of beautiful shots on the internet, here are some