The 50s dresses, a style lesson of the last century.


The 50s dresses are those worn by the most famous blonde of all time: Marylin Monroe.

Marylin is the icon of the feminine beauty of that decade and the dresses she wore made history. The full-skirts and high-waisted skirts are a real ever green, which will never stop being fashionable.

Extremely fine and elegant, these clothes give a retro look, but at the same time very cheeky. They are versatile and can be worn on various occasions, both in the office and for a dinner out for example.

As always, the past gives us some ideas, which can be adapted to modern times and if combined in the right way, will make us be original and chic.

These dresses tend to hide female imperfections and to emphasize curves in the right places. Show your legs, it has never been easier and put on show the décolleté, without exaggerating, in the same time.

If you think, that elegance never goes out of fashion and you want your look to be remembered for its fine taste, you need a 50s dress in your closet.