The wonderful ville lumière seen at 300m high.


Imagine Paris, the sunset and the symbolic monument of the ville lumière: the Eiffel Tower, which is the result? A climb of 1665 steps and a breathtaking view.

It would be convenient to get with the elevator, but the real challenge is to get on foot and the panorama from the top will be your well-deserved reward.

I recommend going there at sunset, because it is the most magical moment of the day, to see the sun that falls is always the end of something, but opens the door to a new moment: the night. In this idea there is perhaps a bit of sentimentality, which fits perfectly with the romantic city par excellence.

As soon as the sun goes down, hundreds of small lights attract the eyes, like a real magnet and at that moment, one understands that the nickname ville lumière couldn’t be more appropriate.

Obviously, you can admire the view from the various sides and go in search of the details with the binoculars, which are located on the various sides.

Once you get off, I suggest you to eat one of the crêpes, which are sold in the area surrounding the tower, you’ll deserve it after consuming at least 300 calories.

What else to add? Bring a nice pair of comfortable shoes with you and the desire to get excited.

I wish you a good trip, my dear dreamers!