Shiseido: more than cosmetics in Ginza (Tokyo).


In Ginza, the famous fashion district of Tokyo, every great brand has a high building and obviously Shiseido too, the famous and historic brand of Japanese cosmetics.

Here Shiseido is much more than cosmetics, in addition to the store of make-up, there is a whole building: the Shiseido Parlor, where there is a pastry shop, a restaurant, a tea room and an exhibition of contemporary art.

It was a pleasant discovery, in this bakery many sweets are prepared and what attract the most is the packaging, a lot of colorful boxes are exposed on the shelves, with the typical Japanese precision.

On the lower floor, there is an exhibition of contemporary art in minimal style, where you can see objects of modern technology, such as an old Apple computer, vintage telephones…

The cosmetics shop is really huge and as you can imagine, there are all the most famous and latest products of this brand. I advise you, the English knowledge of the shop assistants is very poor (as almost everywhere in Japan), so if you want to buy something, it is almost useless try to ask informations.

If you go to Ginza, I suggest you to spend some minutes at the Shiseido building, you will surely be fascinated.