Bell-bottoms trousers are back in fashion.


Have you noticed, that bell-bottoms trousers are back in fashion?

I personally love them, even if it is easier to find in the shops the skinny model, but in my opinion the bell bottom pants are always beautiful.

The story associates them with hippie movements and feminist revolutions of the seventies, but also in the 90s they were back in vogue and probably they will be back in fashion again in this period.

They make slender and taper legs, even for those people who haven’t a body with these characteristics. Matching the right shoes is essential, although only the tip remains uncovered, you must know how to combine the right ones. Heels or ankle boots, are the top to wear under this type of pants.

The important thing is wearing this kind of pants of the right length, they must get to the ground, without getting dirty, but at the same time, without showing the ankle. So after buying them, it is better to be helped by a seamstress.

If you want to dissociate a bit ‘from the crowd and anticipate a fashion, which presumably spread soon, I recommend a nice pair of bell-bottom pants. As always, fashions return and there is nothing better than taking a cue from the past to prelude the future.

If you like the outfit I wear in the picture, as always you can buy the look on my Depop, here’s the link:

Good shopping!