My new, old passion: tartan and denim.

Back to the 70’s with tartan, typical of the punk rock of those ages.

The origin of tartan is much older, dating back to 1600, when this particular weaving was invented,wich became the symbol of Scottish Highland and the most famous kilt of all time.

Plaids are back in fashion this winter and it is literally the pattern of the moment.

Don’t be scared by the many colors, this pattern is easier to combine, than you think, I have chosen to match the scarf and hat with a pair of straight-fit jeans and a plain-colored cream sweater.

The timeless Levi’s are another must have, not only of the moment, but for always, comfortable and indestructible, with a history that dates back more than a century ago.

Jeans, also called blue jeans, are an evergreen of street style looks.

Invented in 1800 and patented by Levi Strauss, the originals were in fustian, material used in sailing ships and to dress sailors.

The typical cut of the jeans is five pockets and has been successful with the denim fabric, but for those who want to wear them in more formal occasions, they have been created in other materials too, such as: fustian, twill and velvet.

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Enjoy shopping!