If you don’t experience Monte Carlo, you’ll never know what is all about!

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Today I write about one of the places in the World that I prefer, it does not take long to guess which place I’m talking about, because it is the setting of my novel “The Glass Enclosure“. For those who haven’t read it, I’m talking about the Principality of Monaco, that place between Italy and France, where luxury and elegance blend with architecture and nature.

If you want to reach it by plane, the nearest airport is Nice Côte d’Azur, in France, and in just 30 minutes’ drive, you will arrive at the Principality, if you prefer to save time, you can take an helicopter. Since last summer, the famous Uber app has also introduced the air transfers, which allows you to move easily on the French Riviera, with few hundred Euros.

From the top, Monaco shows its particularity, a small city squeezed between sea and mountains, with the skyscrapers overlooking the sea and the bay with elegant boats moored.

I advise you to plan a trip to Monte Carlo, if you want to immerse yourself in something different from the usual, that amazes for its perfection. I admit that in some moments, it seems to walk through the streets of a fake city, so perfect and orderly they are.

Don’t miss the Royal Palace, maybe you can see the characteristic change of the guard and why not, take a selfie with the breathtaking landscape seen from above, but be careful don’t leave your things unattended, the last time I was there, I lost sight of my umbrella for a moment and poof! In less than a second, it had already ended up under the clutches of an unsuspecting old German tourist, who after he, the theft walked as if nothing had happened, with my pink umbrella, it was a scene as comical as pathetic.

Near the Royal Palace there are the streets of the old city, nice to see and where you can find several small shops with souvenirs and nice objects.

For what concerns shopping, I don’t think it is necessary to say, that if you are looking for some luxury items, here you are in the right place, you can find boutiques of any great designer brand.

Absolutely don’t forget a stroll in front of the casino, where there is the usual défilé of lavish cars and if you feel in the mood for winnings, why not enter and try your luck?

Obviously at the Principality you can find any type of restaurant, there are several that offer fish dishes, but also meat, pizzas, sushi …

About sushi, if you want to give yourself a starry lunch or dinner, I recommend the restaurant “Yoshi”, in which you can spoil the dishes born from the marriage between East and West of the Japanese chef Takeo Yamazaki. This restaurant is located inside the Hotel Metropole, one of the gems of Monegasque hospitality, in the heart of Monte Carlo.

If you are a lover of luxury hotels, I recommend a stay in this 5-star hotel, with classical and modern architecture, with refined and elegant suites, furnished with great taste.

For a moment to dedicate oneself, there is the Givenchy Spa, with an endless choice of beauty treatments and massages, ideal for relaxing and eliminating daily stress.

Did I intrigue you? What are you waiting for, plan an holiday of a few days… You deserve it!