A little glitter never kills nobody.

Joy Colors

A typical autumn day, a bit of sparkling air and the desire to wear something pretty.

There is one thing, that always makes the difference in an outfit, which can turn it from banal to sophisticated or casual, I’m talking about shoes.

There are those who love heels, who prefer a pair of gym shoes or boots, whatever they are, are the ultimate touch of an outfit.

A few weeks ago I received a pair of super sparkling sneakers and from that moment I became one of my favorite pairs. Do you want to know why? It is the feeling when I wear them, it seems that the day is going to bright as my shoes. Maybe am I crazy? Maybe yes, but I suggest you to take a look of these shoes on the Joy Colors‘ website, you will surely find them very nice too.

I chose the model with glitters, because I knew they would be ideal for the fall, but if you love other colors, you find other nuances, both female and male models.

They are very comfortable and soft too, so you can wear it all day long.

For further curiosity, here is the online store link: http://www.joycolorsco.com/en/