India in black and white.


India is a place far “AF”.

It’s very difficult to describe though, because I didn’t know where to start, a couple of days ago, I asked you, my lovely Instagram followers, what were the most valuable points of interest about my story.

First thing first, you asked me for a brief report of my style: neat and straight to the point.

Some people from India asked me how I felt in their country, so I decided to describe my experience directly from my point of view.

When I arrived there, honestly I was ready for the stifling heat, chaos and overwhelming odor.

I have read so many reviews about this country and everybody agrees on this three elements.

Do you want to know what’s I found in New Dehli?! Stifling heat, chaos and strong odor. Yeah, I know they told me.

I always find everything with more emphasis, probably cause it’s me, myself and I, to live the moment.

Right after I left the airport I had the brilliant Idea of going back inside again and the cops almost arrested me! Rule number 1: never get out of an Indian airport and try to get in again, cause it’s illegal, you are not allow to do it! Please be careful.

Do you want to know what they answered me, when I asked why is it not written anywhere that you cannot exit the airport? They said: “Well, we are here, in India!”

I’m still confused by the way.

Response to this is a beautiful Rule number 2: this is their answer for everything foreigners can’t understand: Because we are in India! It’s useless try to understand why this is this way (I read this somewhere, as well, before my trip).

After I almost got arrested and I found my driver I traveled along the street an entire night from Dehli to Jaipur.

I assure you, that unless you’ve been to India, you would not comprehend drive along the ruined and bustling street filled with trucks, cars and motorcycles and everyone honking their horns.

You would think, that I had slept between the ride from Dehli to Jaipur… yeah right!!

It’s impossible to even sleep along the travel, due to everyone honking the horn, it would be like falling asleep inside a techno music festival.

I really don’t understand, why everyone honks the horns seriously – But remember rule number 2: India is India.

Let’s talk about monuments.

I saw a lot in the city I visited like Jaipur, Agra, Delhi and is priceless to say that are all gorgeous.

Every all monuments have predominant three colours: white, cream and beige.

All these colours radiate positive vibes.

I am not an artist, therefore, I cannot elaborate on anything regarding this matter but can say that as simply just a tourist.

All of the buildings are splendid and they allow you to transport back in time.

Speaking of India I cannot include talk about Taj Majal.

Some have asked what was I feeling in front of this special place; and what can I say?

It’s literally a perfect building and it’s part of the 7 wonders of the world, just amazing.

It’s literally the exact way you see it in the pictures, white, huge, bright and with a big fountain with crystal water in front of the main entrance.

This is a pure miracle.

One of the most memorable things about India are the many contradictions such as beauty & richness among the poverty & dirtiness.

Some have asked “How did you interpret the people?”

India is either Black or White.

Some people are well educated and extra kind with great manners and sometimes I felt embarrassed, because of how well I was treated, but some other individuals are extremely rude though even for little things.

Some people (I overheard in a public restroom) were pretending money only because someone asked for a piece of toilet paper or tissue. The word “tip, tip” (I would say money, money) is very popular in India.

I wanna tell you something funny. If you are, like me, blonde hair and light blue eyes, for sure some Indians are going to ask you some pictures-selfie with you. Very funny cause in my country, Italy, this never happen unless you are a VIP.

For whoever asked me, if I would suggest a trip in India I would say… Yes why not!


I really would love to finish my article with this unhappy, but useful note for all the people that follow my journeys.

I had the possibility to participate to this Tour for Bloggers, thanks to the tour operator Tav India Tour. We had a sorta of agreement, about me posting and tagging his #tavindia wherever I was going with them, obviously.

Only couple weeks before my trip, I found out that this agency was asking for gifts, clothes or a simple offer for poor Indian children.

So regarding this point, I really get very sensitive and for me is a serious thing.

I never had any confirmation and either I never had a chance to see those kids as the tour organizer promised me, that’s why I never posted anything regarding that fact, because I got very suspicious about.

At the end of the tour, after I privately communicate my concerns and share some tips regarding how to improve the quality of the service that this guy is serving, I got blocked on both social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook).

The reason? They were asking me for a full feedback on their page, and I wasn’t willing to give to them the maximum of the point cause I actually thought they didn’t deserve it.

Even I collaborated with them, I wasn’t able to leave any review regarding the quality of my trip, cause they weren’t willing to take any bad comments.

I think that every single comments count, bad or good doesn’t matter, I like to read real things I want to know what’s behind the scenes sometimes.

So now I was wondering if the evaluation on their Facebok page is real or fake, so I suggest to all the people, that want to go on a tour with them to take some real assessments concerning the whole trip.