Do our clothes talk about us?


Okay, clothes don’t really define what somebody really is, but everyone knows it, clothes tell a lot of us, of our personality, mood and maybe even of our economic condition.

Is it possible that the clothes send good vibes too? I think that so.

Everyone has a favorite color and we could start to consider it, as our color of happiness. We would be aware, that this color makes us feel comfortable and so we will also know that thanks to this idea, we would be able to face the day more positively.

I like all the colors, the more they are, better it is, I love colored clothes, it is like for pictures, vivid, colorful and full of happy vibes.

Since I was a child, I love a particularly brand of bags, that is a true bearer of good humor, I’m talking about Kipling, who produces handbags, backpacks and suitcases.

Do you know those bags with the monkey plush? I’m talking exactly about it.

What I really like about these bags is their color variations, there are for all tastes, not the usual 4 or 5 colors, then there are also lots of prints with very cute designs and for the most classic of course, the usual: black, gray and brown.

The bag I wear in the picture, is part of the Art M collection and it is a travel bag, in fact has the passage to be attached to the trolley, but is perfect also in everyday life, very large and with several pockets, which are indispensable for all the little things, that every woman always carries with her.

Obviously, I have chosen it in blue, one of the nuances I absolutely adore, which I could define my happy color, I will never get tired of buying things of this color, whether fashionable or not, I just love it.

Take a look at Kipling’s website (, I bet you will definitely find something of your own taste.