Tell me which ice cream flavor you like and I’ll tell you who you are.


Summer time, vacation, suntan and Ice cream. Yeah Gelato, who doesn’t like it?

Refreshes, sweetens and clears up your mind on the hottest days.

Everybody has their favorite flavor and once we get in a gelato place, we already know what we are going to order without thinking too much about it. But have you ever noticed that the ice cream in each and every flavor, reflects our personality?

There are the romantic, who love Pistacchio, so sweet and able to intoxicate the hardest people.

Physically fit ones, often prefer fruity flavors and they don’t give up on strawberry & lemon or cantaloupe & pineapple, the important thing is that there’s not so much sugar.

Do we talk about the ones, that always want to be different so they search all over for the licorice flavor? Pretty rare flavor, but very satisfying.

Then we have the elegant ones, the cream lovers, always great tasting in every situation.

The sweet tooth ones obviously cannot give up on Chocolate.

I almost forgot Stracciatella, for those people who always can’t decide, but choose not to give up soon on chocolate and cookies & cream.

For the ones who are always active, running around and never tired, there is the refreshing mint flavor to keep you in motion.

Then I was thinking about nocciola gelato, which is basically Hazelnut gelato. Who does or doesn’t likes nocciola flavor? Because I could never find an answer for this question. What about you folks, can you help me?