When was the last time, you did something for the first time?


For me tomorrow will be a day of firsts, in fact for the first time in my life I’ll participate to a tv show.

I hear often, that in your thirties, the best moments of your life are relentlessly gone, and if you were to reach a goal, by now, you should have done that already. The only thing we have left to do is put a ring on that finger and starting to have babies, unless you aren’t that much of a failure and you have not done it yet.

I have never believed that that’s the way our story goes, because I am one of those dreamers, that at 20 years old could not wait to be 30. I thought, that’s when I would have known how to handle my life without anybody influencing my life’s choices. Considering I would have been mature enough to not let anything holding me down.

I have to admit, being thirty, life is not exactly how you would have imagined in my twenties and still today, I listen to the silly things people tell me, and often I spend too much time thinking about it, but except that, I have to say I wasn’t completely wrong, the life I have now, that I’m thirty, is still full of satisfactions.

In my thirties, I become something that I didn’t even know it existed in my twenties. As a matter of fact, in the past few months they have been calling me “influencer”.

At first, it reminded me of the flu, that many people fear in the winter, then begin to understand that it isn’t so bad to belong to that group of people, it just simply means, that because I have so many followers on line, I’m now able to influence those people to the point of changing their decisions making process.

Let’s also consider, that it would also be a great business marketing plan, if we see it from an economical point of view.

Even if is a virtual World, it’s still our daily reality and because is so real, I feel responsible of taking with me only positives vibes. I wouldn’t want anybody to emulate my mistakes.

I don’t know how I manages to get thousands of followers on my Instagram page, me with my foolish nickname (https://www.instagram.com/dolcestellinaxx/), guilty of belonging to a teenager with an hormonal crises, and me the shy girl. Honestly I’m still wondering the same question but life is beautiful. and my own explanation of success, I think is the proof.

Lately, a lot of people, asked me how do I have so many followers. I respond honestly always the same: I don’t know. I’ve been only myself and what you see is a part of my journey posted for everyone.

Probably a lot of people is interested in this virtual World of influencers and this is the reason why, somebody decided to create a tv show, that would follow the life of some Influencers (my easy life too), so you can try to find out what’s going on, beyond this World that could look unattainable.

The Tv show is called “Influencer Girls” (https://www.facebook.com/influencergirls/) and from tomorrow for a week it will be available on Italian tv channel Nuvola 61 and then in October.

In this contest, I feel to stand for the category of ordinary people, for all those people having a regular life and probably the ones that liked my page, because they reflected in my person, the shy girl that love the nature, travel and write.

So a big shout out for the ordinary and normal lifestyle, that in this bizarre World it might be considered pure originality!