Nobody is normal

Nobody is normal

Walking in the vacuum, I love doing it in the reality, let me amaze from places that the World offers to us and totally forget, every day, walking in the bare existence; because just few things are able to provoke me strong feelings and real interest.

I really would love to be one of those person that thrill watching a movie, but no, I’m one of those that ask itself why all this people are crying and having feelings?
I never understood the story about the butterflies in the stomach… not kidding! For me is one of the biggest mysteries in the human existence. What is it? The beginning of a gastritis?!

Sometimes, people like me, are perceived like bad or always grumpy.
The reality is that we just have another way, to approach to the World around us.
We are not able to light on our feelings as the 99% of the other human beings do, but I seriously recommend you to meet us a little bit more deeply than usual. I’m sure we are not so bad, as the first impression could be.

Yeah folks, I have to admit that I carry with me just few emotions/feelings whatever you wanna call them and seriously sometimes the space that surrounds me is really horrible and lonely. I really would love to be part of those people able to hang in every situation and get emotional for nothing, but not me.  I’m cold and serious, often I’ve been judged as different and weird.

I’m 30 now and I learned how to live with this thing and I have nothing to be ashamed of. My way to be it’s just another way to be and we have to accept it.

In my life I’ve met only few person with the same emptiness and guys you know what? They all have my esteem. My way to be it’s just another way to be and we have to accept it. For years I tried to be like the “others”, with all those feelings that are not part of me, without any results so I gave up, end of the story. Being a cold person doesn’t mean being a monster.

Try for a second to go beyond our shall and probably you will find a sweetheart inside this cold iron armor. Don’t stop in front of the ice wall and that dreadful appearance and please don’t think to be better, because you used a whole pack of tissues watching Titanic the movie and me? Not even one.

And you, heart of ice, be always yourself and don’t be scared of showing your personality because I think there’s something worse than feeling few emotions, like trying to be somebody else.