Are we ready to take a break from our ordinary lives? I can’t wait this is gonna happen for real, dear Elena.


Siamo pronte a prenderci una pausa dalle nostre vite ordinarie

Dear Elena,

It’s been a while now that I wanna write this letter but find time seems always difficult.

I truly miss you my friend.

I’m writing you a letter, cause I wanna be different and I’m different anyway but you know me.

Still I remember the day we met. You arrived at the hotel in the middle of the Alps, with your blue backpack and your dad was there with you with tears on his face getting ready to let you do a new working experience. Was very cute and I printed in my heart this image.

Do you remember, where we were assigned to sleep? My God how many times I asked you if outside our room there were bears or wolves?!? Yeah, because our room was in a remote part of this beautiful and mysterious Hotel.

Very funny now, that I think about it and for sure you are laughing badly now.

Dear Elena, I miss you, it’s been so many years that we don’t work, live and spend time together cause we took two different paths and then couple years ago I decided to move in the States and you stayed, in part for love in part for your new job, and I always understood this without judgment.

You know how many times I dreamt about me opening a restaurant in a Caribbean Island or in California and you were coming over all the time you could with your beautiful family and you were helping me host events, promote and taking gorgeous pics of the restaurant?!

Oh I can’t wait this is gonna happen for real dear Elena, I think the time for a little change is about to come in our lives.

I’m living in Nyc surrounded with so many people, cultures and energies that I never thought would be possible and it’s incredible, but you know what? I miss you my friend, a real friend, beautiful, honest, loyal, trustful, funny and very direct.

I can be friendly with every single person in the World, because the sad reality is that I can’t be myself all the time, I can’t say what I think all the time, I can’t even believe that all the person I know, love me or like me and vice versa, cause there will be always something to say, cause the society we are living in imposes a lot of filters and shit like that.

But Elena with you is different, we are connected with a sort of spell, we never used filters between us and we will never use it, I think.

It’s been a long time that I wanna ask you, when we are going on an adventure just me and you? Where would you like to go Elena ? Are we ready to take a break from our ordinary lives? Because personally I need a break.

I feel weak and without powers sometimes and I need my friend to cheer me up and shaking me hard sometimes, I want more close my Friend with the Capital F.

I truly miss you Elena.

Your crazy Friend from the other part of the World.