The miracle of the corners of paradise

il miracolo degli angoli di paradiso

Once I read, there are some places perceived by our mind as true corners of paradise, to stop thinking convulsively and relaxing.

The good news is that there is not only one, that we have to search for a lifetime, but there is an infinity, we just have to know how to recognize it.

So if you’ve already imagined a map in your hand, as if you were looking for a hidden treasure, immediately delete that image from your head, because reality is much simpler and more accessible to everyone.

If I think of my home, I suppose my corner of paradise is the shower, how many times during the day it happens to think: I can’t wait to go home, turn on the water, hear it flow over me, feel the relaxing scent of soap and the most important thing do log off to the brain.

If I imagine a free day, as a happy place, I think of a place immersed in nature, where I can hear the silence and enjoy the beauties that surround me.

Finding a place to relax and turn off the brain is only for brave, only those have the courage not think about anything and leave their daily anxieties out of their heads will be able to find their own corners of paradise.

And you? What do you think about it? Do you have enough courage for not thinking about anything or feel too attached and trapped by everyday life?