The elegance of counting time

l'eleganza di contare il tempo

The primordial need to count time blends with one of the ever-greenest human invention: the clock.

The lords of old time wore it in their pockets and were ready to unpack it, as soon as the opportunity was presented, with a typical gesture of old times. Currently the watch is worn on the wrist, but what has not changed is the elegance of the gesture of the wearer.

There are clocks for all tastes: big, small, manual, analog, elegant, sporty … depending on what you wear, a person can get an idea of who you are and maybe what you do in life.

The watch is the accessory, which should never fail to complete a person’s look, you are not really dressed until you wear one.

I recently discovered the watches of the French brand Trendy Elements, especially what’s in the picture, is part of the Trendy Kiss line (Evelina model), it’s lightweight, stylish but at the same time very functional.

It can be worn both during day and evening and it’s perfect with any kind of look.

If you like watches, I suggest you to take a look at this company’s website:

Another advice for you: count time but not too much, do not stress for everyday commitments, stop and enjoy a good coffee, without thinking about the time it flows.

Relax and take it easy!