Hanami, the magic of cherry blossoms


I have always loved spending time in the nature and enjoying the positive energy, it can transmit. In this regards one of the best experiences I’ve ever lived: is walking through the cherry trees.

Japan is definitely the perfect place for living one of a kind experience and Spring is of course the recommended season.

I imagined, that these trees were only inside some parks or in open country, but this is not the case, it often happens to walk in Tokyo streets and find near skyscrapers, cherry blossoms trees, that become one with the surrounding urban environment.

Seeing these streets surrounded by thousands of flowers is something extraordinarily and unexpected. It’s not easy to explain what you think and feel, but it is definitely an emotion that would compare to magic.

An infusion of white and pink harmony and good humor, all positive vibrations are really tangible and it is impossible not to be totally involved.

I remember a Victor Hugo quotation: “A little garden in which to walk, and immensity in which to dream”, in few simple words is what happens during hanami, the Japanese tradition to enjoy the beauty of tree blossoming, especially that of cherry trees, whose flowers are called sakura.

What are you waiting for buying a plane ticket to Japan? You will not regret it!