More dreams and less worries


I really like sleeping and dreaming.

I dream not only when I’m asleepI but I really like also daydreams, for example drive or be on a train, looking out the window and imagine things, people and situations.

I like to think of being a dreamer, many times my thoughts have saved me from a situation that I wouldn’t want to live.

The magic power of the mind, that makes me escape from the real World. Sometimes I think of so many things, that I would like to write, but unfortunately sometimes I forget it and will never be transcribed.

For me being a dreamer goes hand in hand with a passion for writing, I write because I imagine a lot and I guess to escape from reality, it is all inextricably linked.

There is always a story in my mind, every day and every moment.

I don’t like to be a morning person, I prefer to stay in bed until late immersed in my dreams, then get up and have my mind full of emotions and thoughts.

Dreams are the best things in life, until they are with me, nothing can scare me in real life.

More dreams and less worries, that’s my motto.