Good vibes only!

Energia ENG.jpg

Does energy of people exist? Is it possible, that people influence each other through their own energy?

I think so, I think that each person has around him positive or negative energy. As with people, the same thing also for the places, there are places capable of transmitting a good or bad mood.

Have you ever known those people with which is “love” at first sight? That positive feeling that you immediately feel at first sight. I often stop to think about this fact, and it seems almost magical. The first impression you get of a person, which is difficult to change, if you like or not a person, you can understand that in a nanosecond, I think this is due to the kind of energy that infuses a person around him.

I think this feeling is more obvious with those people we don’t like, if they are close to us and we think: “No! Here he is! “, Just only the presence, it is not even a matter of dislike, it is something more, that goes beyond a simple gesture or behavior, is what they transmit.

I believe that if I surround myself with people and objects that give off positive energy, I will be positive too and be able to influence other people positively.

If we were all bearers of positive energy, perhaps the world would be more positive?