A bad dream or an awakening in the middle of a nightmare?

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Images and emotions taken from the novel “The Glass Enclosure”.


Arielle wakes up abruptly from her deep sleep. She’s dazed and has no clue where she is and what has happened to her.

She opens her eyes but can’t see a thing, only darkness. She realizes she’s blindfolded and her wrists are tied behind her back. She tries to free her hands, pulling hard, but it’s pointless. She can’t.

 She’s got a bad headache and she’s confused, brief flashbacks flood her mind: a young man in a hat, her office at Dream Communication’s, a key in her pocket and then her mother’s voice on the phone, her sister hugging her.

 She can’t figure out whether it’s just a bad dream or if this nightmare is the reality. She tries to call for help, but it seems as if nobody can hear her. Meanwhile images start pouring into her head, she remembers a roulette with a small yellow ball spinning around, her emotions at that moment, kisses given, kisses received in a hotel lounge, jogging in the afternoon in the rain.

 Where is she? Who brought her here? How come she’s blindfolded and tied up? Is this real? Is it just a dream?


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