Love is in the air!

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A few days ago a girl who follows my blog contacted me on Instagram, to ask me what I think about love.

So thanks to her suggestion I decided to write an article on this issue.

First o all, I think the way of living love is not the same for all people, for example, there are romantic people, who tend to manifest more of shy people. I know I am a shy girl and I know well the discomfort feeling when people tell me: “You’re so insensitive and detached!”

If I could reply to those who “accused me” to have an heart of stone, I would answer: “I have feelings in my heart, but I just don’t want to share them with anybody!”

I can go on to say that people are different to eachothers and therefore not for everybody love, has the same meaning.

There are many kinds of love, love for a person, love for your family, love for yourself, love for an animal, love for an activity (sports, job or an hobby).

I don’t think, that there are more or less intense love, just love that exists or not. As the image of life for me has, or is it black or is white, there aren’t those millions shades of gray in the middle.

Can love really end? I don’t think love may end, but rather that during life, people change and with them also their feelings. If you really love somebody, you know that a piece of your heart will always be occupied by that person.

Unfortunately when love becomes “too much” love, it takes a negative meaning and turns into possessiveness or obsession, something that should never happen, but unfortunately sometimes happens.

Before ending I would also say that I love isn’t the attraction for a person, that is a question of chemistry not love, true love is something else.

I hope that my response has been exhaustive and has satisfied curiosity of the Instagram girl.