Life is beautiful



Images and emotions taken from the novel “The Glass Enclosure”.


She runs out of her room and takes the stairs instead of the elevator, it would take too long. Racing down from the eighth floor, her heels clicking on the silent staircase she couldn’t care less if she is disturbing the guests peace. She reaches the ground floor breathless, her hair is a total mess. She looks all around the hall without recognizing anybody. There’s some strangers at the reception desk, the hotel staff and suddenly a hat hiding behind a newspaper catches her eye. She can’t make out who the owner of the hat is but she knows already it is Amedeo. He came all this way just to surprise her. She hesitates, she’s doesn’t know what to think, say or do, she feels like an idiot standing there staring at him. Her mind is blank.


Arielle works up the courage and takes a step forward.


From behind the newspaper an enormous smile peeks out.

”Hi Arielle!”


Her hands are sweaty and she’s got butterflies in her stomach as Amedeo rises from the armchair and embraces her. His warm hand is on her waist and he kisses her without hesitation. Arielle’s heart is racing and without giving it any thought she kisses him back passionately, a kiss so breathtaking she will always remember it.

They just had their first kiss and Arielle is overwhelmed and so extremely happy, she smiles at him with her mouth and especially her eyes, her eyes shine with joy.



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