It’s the little things that make life big

la gioia delle piccole cose ENG

Perhaps are the little things the greatest?

I think the most beautiful things in life are the little ones, for example the joy of eating a pizza or drinking coffee in the morning, or just lying in bed after a long tiring day.

No special things,not big changes, but those small gestures we make every day, which are due to make us happy.

I think that from little things comes out true happiness. If you are not able to enjoy the little things of life, probably you will not enjoy those special moments, that you can do or have once in a while.

I often notice, that people who don’t miss anything, are the first not to enjoy what they really have and they are perpetually unsatisfied, onestly makes me a bit upset, because they will never be truly happy, and they are always in a search for something better.

But on the contrary, there are people who apparently haven’t got anything to smile about and instead they are so hard to find joy in the middle of a storm. These are the people that I want to inspire me, because I think they have the secret of happiness in their pocket.

Be happy for what we have, what is given to us and who we are right now, it means to be happy with our life, because life is now, this moment is the future that we are making ,take a grip of the moment! Worry less and your life will shine forever!