The blank pages of our destiny

Le pagine vuote del nostro destino ENG.jpg

I wonder if our destiny is the result of a preconceived plan, or it is simply the result of a lot of randomness.

I believe that our destiny is the outcome of a default history, which it is revealed when we perform certain actions.

Although there is an infinite amount of ways that we could take, we travel one way that gives us the opportunity to come into contact with certain people and situations, and it is precisely when we take a decision that we shape the story of our life.

I think it is amazing, that people born far away from eachothers and which apparently have nothing in common, actually they have the chance to know each other or simply to meet in the course of their lives.

Have you ever thought, if you had taken a decision instead of another, probably your life would be different now?

If it is true, that our fate is already written, it is up to us make sense of it and do everything that is in our power to adapt it to our dreams, and I think our destiny can’t be considered an alibi for our mistakes.

In the book of our life, we have some written pages and other empty, it is up to us to fill the empty pages and do it in the best way.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “The only person you are destined to become, is the person you decide to be”.