What is happiness?

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I often reflected about what it means to be really happy.

I think that happiness doesn’t necessarily correspond to serenity. If a person is calm means that he is in peace with himself, while happiness is that feeling of euphoria that fills yourself when something beautiful happens.

I don’t think it is possible to be always happy, but in peace with ourselves probably yes.

I believe that people are always in search of happiness. The romantics search happiness in love, greedy in money, lustful in desireful…

Perhaps my view of the World is childish, but I am not able to give any other explanation for the gestures made by people.

What about those funny things that distract us from everyday life, why do we want it? The answer is simple: to be happy, to have that moment that can save us from the worst of the day.

I want to be in peace with myself, not necessarily happy, because happiness for me is a kind of climax of everyday life, that I can try once in a while, not all day, every day.

And you? What do you think about happiness?