Don’t care about them, just look and go on

Non ti curar di loro, ma guarda e passa ENG.jpg

Why should we be perfect to satisfy people around us?

Some time ago I read a sentence that made me think, it was simply written on a wall, probably the work of a vandal, but he had obviously thought about that issue.

The sentence was: in a World that forces us to excellence, being different is a revolutionary act.

When I read it I thought wow!

The most of people’s anxieties, depend on the fact of being judged positively or not by the others; this attitude is absurd, it means that our feelings and our emotions are tied to the judgment that the World has of us.The opinion of others can actually make some tangible consequences on us? Can make us poor, rich, sick, healthy or otherwise? The answer is no! We can receive the best compliments in the World or the worst criticism, but the next day we will always be the same people, our life will not change.

Why should we do something to please someone, who in turn will have to do something to please another person? It is a chain of ephemeral gestures, which have no value on the part of those who carry them.

I don’t want to be part of this system is a complicated chain for me and I consider myself a simple person.

I prefer authentic, genuine people, imperfect but real, the obnoxious than the hypocrites, those who take the risk of being different, the good gestures rather than fake smiles.

I dream of a World without falsehood and where the attitudes taken by the people come directly and truly from the heart, not by personal interests.

Long live those who have the courage not to please others!