Don’t waste your time cherish it!

Chi ha tempo non aspetti il tempo ENG.jpg

What boring, the boredom!

If there’s one thing I can not stand is boredom. I think one of the worst things in life is waste time, waiting for the right time to do things, that instead you could do right away.

If we are not careful, life can flow before our eyes, without even realizing it and in the end what is there to be left? Only regrets.

I think we should keep moving, without stopping, and waste our time waiting for things to happen, that actually never happen, instead of waiting, if we want something, we should make something to reach it.

Good opportunities doesn’t exist, there are only situations that can help us get closer to our objectives, this is a matter of luck, but for the calculation of probabilities we can’t always be unlucky and sooner or later the lady luck also will come knocking at our door, if we have only be so clever to be in the right place, at the right time and shake hands to lady luck.

Who has not ever thought about being unlucky? I thought of it a million times! Actually most of the time this is not bad luck, rather than randomness that can happen to everyone. If we believe to be always unlucky, we’ll never go anywhere.

I really like to get to the end of the day tired, because I know that I’ve done so many things, I don’t think there is another feeling that makes me feel more alive. What if I had passed all day doing nothing? Certainly I would not be so tired, but I would have wasted my time.

The only thing we can be sure in our lives, is that, minutes hours and days that we already wasted will never return back, we’ve been losting them forever.