Who finds a good soul finds a treasure

Chi trova un'anima buona, trova un tesoro ENG

In the World there are lots of people, most of them filling our lives, without being able to make any improvements and then there are the good souls.

Have you ever meet one of those people? Who is so honest and able to shine with their own light and illuminate everything that surrounds him?

The society we live in has accustomed us to negative behaviors and making normal a reprehensible attitude.

These people are so different from the others, which seem to fly above everything that affects the others. They have the ability to make everything better as if they had a real special power, a kind of super heroes next door.

A good soul is able to bring serenity to those battling an inner storm or balance in those who feel at the mercy of an earthquake.

Unfortunately it is not easy to meet a good soul, people like that are so rare as to be considered a real treasure.

If you meet one, my advice is to not pass over and what if we become ourselves in a good soul? I’ve never succeeded in being one, but maybe you are better than I am.