Believe in yourself and never stop!

Credere in sè stessi e non smettere mai! ENG

What happens when we have a goal and we think we are not able to achieve it?

I believe, that from this negative sensation, we can always kick off the urge to succeed in things, we never would have thought. It’s just when we touch that point of “desperation”, that we have the opportunity to use the power of that negative energy, to give ourselves the power to try again. What matters is the motivation, if there is the motivation, nothing else, just diligence. No matter of what we’re talking about, whether to climb a mountain, learn Japanese or play tennis, if we really want to reach a goal, we have to start believing in ourselves.

An attitude of positive thinking can help us to live better our life.

A couple of months ago, I read a book about the unimaginable power of our thoughts for achieving our goals and dreams. If every day in our mind, we propose the image of ourselves realizing our dream, we will have more chance to achieve it.

Does this make sense or not?

Frankly I believe, that our fate is entirely designed by us, as if we had a pencil in our hand and we could choose whether not use it or try and try again to create the drawing, which we imagined for so long.

So why if we have this pencil in our hand, are we so scared and we stay literally paralyzed in front of a blank sheet of paper?

We should get up in the morning, look in the mirror and believe in that person we see reflected, because that person is the only one heve the power to give a better shape of our future.

This is a hymn to believe in ourselves, so we will create a World of better people, satisfied with what we do and we have in our life. Without forgetting, that who is happy in his skin, he tends to have a positive influence on other people.