30 days after the publication

30 giorni dopo ENG.jpg

During the first month after the publication of “The Glass Enclosure” so many beautiful things have happened.

First of all my novel has received several positive reviews, in particular from different literary bloggers.

On Instagram I have known several people, who love writing and with them I can share this passion and I feel a little ‘less “different” from the world around me. If I had the passion for make-up, I would certainly have found more people similar to me, but I can not complain.

Speaking of Facebook, (personally I don’t like it, but it is however the undisputed king of social networks), I have a page with about 170 followers. This includes people of various nationalities and I am very proud of this, because one of my first intentions was to write and maintain contacts in two languages: Italian and English.

I was anxious to receive negative comments, but this hasn’t happened yet. Although I know it can happen, but I am mentally prepared for this.

What has surprised me the most, was without doubt the wonder of people who personally know me. When they knew I wrote a novel, they have said words that were a mixture of disbelief, (in fact, someone asked me bluntly if I was joking), skepticism (they speak with me as if I am not “normal”) and finally admiration (wow! Really have you written a novel?!).

Finally, 30 days after the publication, if someone asks me if it has been a good idea, I would say undoubtedly yes. And why so? Because this an incredible experience, that I had never thought to live.

So THANK YOU! Thank you for giving me so many little emotional moments and making me feel special!

Now life goes on and I will continue to give you small pieces of me!