Ready, Set, Go! It’s time to choose the protagonist!

che la scelta del protagonista abbia inizio ENG

You know the feeling of wanting to write, but having too many ideas in the head and not being able to organize them? It’s how to be hungry, but do not know how to decide on what to eat. I know that the comparison is not the best one, but it can vaguely make the idea to anyone who is not a fan of writing.

About a year ago, I was faced with a flood of ideas, stories and characters, but I didn’t know who to choose to became the protagonist of my first novel. I had no idea if starting from the creation of the protagonist of the book, it was the right procedure, and frankly even now I am not certain, however, I began from there.

The protagonist of “The Glass Enclosure” is a girl, among all the eligible candidates characters, I chose Arielle.

Arielle is a young career woman, seemingly strong and invincible, that really in his heart she feels lost and looking for her way.

Her life rushes between a work commitment to another, and it is involved in a series of events, that will change her mind about people around her and the life she is leading.

The pace of the novel is relentless, just as the sequence of events in Arielle’s life. After several turn of events, Arielle breaks free of her woes and pull the strings of her life, deciding what she wants to do in her future.

With Arielle I wanted to create the image of the girl, who does not ever to be won, despite the luck does not assist her, she doesn’t let down by the events and continues to believe that the best is yet to come.

On the other side of the story there is the antagonist, who acts as a dark force against Arielle, but this is another story and I will talk about it in the next article! Don’t miss it!

Maybe I was good enough to convince you to read my novel (or maybe not …), however, I remind you, that you can download it on the following website.