The magic of writing

la scrittura è magia ENG

I believe that writing can immortalize our thoughts and leave a sign of our creativity. An idea or a thought, that you don’t see, you can make it tangible and having it before our eyes. It is like a rabbit out of the hat of a magician.

I don’t think the passion for writing can be created.

When a was a child I liked to fill the pages of notebooks with stories and reflections, but I was convinced that the handwriting was a predilection to put aside to devote to more profitable activities.

I admit, that for few years I havn’t written a line, convinced that writing is useless.

One day surfing the net I accidentally discovered the existence of self-publishing and the next day I started writing my first book.

I was not and am not interested in the publication by a publisher, I do not need someone who decides that my work is “ok”. My purpose is only to give to a hypothetical reader entertainment minutes from everyday life, exactly what I look for when I read a book or an article. Luckily I live in the Internet age and I have this opportunity.

I will tell you on the pages of this blog my experience. If you are curious to know how it will proceeds don’t miss next articles!