In the jungle of self publishing

in the jungle of self publishing

I’ve read things, you people wouldn’t believe…

Before I throw myself into the experience of self publishing, I’ve tried to inform myself about it. I thought, that the best place to do it, was on Internet. Nothing more wrong… It was quite an hole in the water!

I don’t know if you have ever read a blog about self publishing or downloaded an e-reader, where it gives you advices about creativity writing and web publishing, there are tragicomic stories or manuals who seems to be instructions for an electric device.

There are the optimistic people, who try to make you believe that it is enough putting some words on a piece of paper for selling millions of copies, passing of course, to buy a “pack of consults” who is offered on the same web site, where they try to convince you, that with only 50€ you can become more famous than Shakespeare.

To not talk about of the most pathetic ones, who try to take you down from the idea of publishing a book, saying that you’ll never be able to be as good as they are, and your destiny is to fail and leave an ugly mark.

And then, there are my favorites,the ones who write instruction manuals. I’ve read how to create a Facebook page for commercializing a book, describing step by step where to click and what to write, starting from Google search of the social network, maybe they have forgotten that who decides to write a en e-reader obviously knows already how to use a computer, if not it wouldn’t basically published it.

Practically I haven’t managed to find nothing useful, only a lot of words with no content, so I’ve decided to try myself and to avoid reading something else, that it could only confusing my ideas.

I’m pointing on the X-factor and maybe the Lady Luck will decide to favor me, or maybe the idea of publish an e-reader will prove a wrong choice. I am sure that I will not regret it, because it is not possible to regret something that you had the courage to do, but only of things that we haven’t done because of the fear of failure.

So fingers crossed and if you are curios to know how my experience will end, don’t miss next articles!

I remember, that you can find the English version of my book on the web site LULU.COM

Soon the book will be available on ibook and Kindle store too.

Stay tuned!