Sometimes we need fantasy to survive the reality

Sometimes we need fantasy to survive the reality

Why have I decided to write this blog but the most of all, why have I decided to write a romance?

I think, that this is the first answer to give at who decides to spend some minutes of his time on this web page, because this is the right reason of all the things and this is simple like that: give freedom of my creativity and share it with somebody.

I’ve always had the necessity to create a story in my head, to feel myself free from the real World around me, entering in my fantastic reality made of stories and reflections, it has always been my special place where noboby could decied how a story ends or to intrude in and change it in another way.

I only want to tell you a story, my story, about a girl who wanted to write a book and publish it by herself.

On the pages of this blog, I will relate you step by step what will be happening with me, with the hope that my story will give the strenght to somebody to believe that dreams can come true.

In the next days I will post the next article on this blog, till then I leave you with a quote of Albert Einstein, in which I believe it deeply: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”.

I remember, that you can find the English version of my book on the web site LULU.COM

Soon the book will be available on ibook and Kindle store too.

Stay tuned!